Please help me pick...a little torn!

  1. Should I go for the practical Victoria (zipped) in white or chartreuse....
    OR a little cute Vert anis Kelly pouchette (which I won't be using often since its a night time only clutch)....
    OR should I wait for something more yummy to pop up?

    TIA for your advice :heart:

    For you ladies who have the Victoria or is it? :rolleyes:
  2. i think you answered your own question. :smile:
    wait for the perfect yummy bag for you!
  3. I don't have either, but those are totally different bags. If you are getting something just for fun, then get the one that tickles your fancy. But if you are truly needing a bag, do you need more of a dressy clutch or a more practical everyday bag?
  4. Ohh Fesdu but waiting is such P-A-I-N :crybaby:
  5. fleur: its never a need is it? hehe......just a itch.... :yes:
  6. victoria in chartreuse!!!!!!!
  7. Of those choices; victoria in chartreuse
  8. I would go for the KP!!! :yahoo:
  9. Are u in love with either of the two or just think they are interesting and pretty. If you don't have butterflies in your stomach for either, wait until the right bag makes you feel that way.
  10. Well, really depends which bag you would make the most use out of it. I don't own a KP nor Victoria, however for me I am a really casual girl and I would definitely choose Victoria in Chartreuse!
  11. lol i know. but it gives you more time to obsess about all the other H bags.
  12. I don't own either bag...but I do have a JPG in chartreuse. It's goes with everything. So, that's my vote...I love having a great everyday bag.
  13. Wow... i am really surprized everyone is for chartreuse (because friends I asked IRL all said stick with white)...
    I guess chartreuse is a far more "pretty color" isn't it?
  14. CB: how have you been? ahhhh...part of me wants to get the KP too..because its cute..classic..and just lovely! but I almost think I won't be using that KP (if I got it) until CHRISTMAS OR NEW YEARS! lol...
  15. Golden's mom.. OH MY.. i bet your JPG is TDF!!!! :heart: