Please help me pick a little crossbody pochette/bag

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  1. I really want a little crossbody bag but can't decide on which one. The three that I have my eyes on are:

    1) Balenciaga Hip

    2) Chanel Half Moon WOC

    3) LV Damier Eva

    Please help me choose or if you have any suggestions for something else feel free to comment. Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Do you have pictures of all three of them? I know how the Half Moon looks like, but that's it.
  3. Chanel half moon is cute or the Bal hip. Chanel is timeless and never goes out of style so it's an investment piece.
  4. 2nd this, pictures would be helpful! :smile:
  5. Third.
  6. Chanel Half Moon WOC
  7. I vote for the eva. You can wear it cross body, as a clutch or wristlet. It is so cute!!
  8. :useless: :biggrin:
  9. Here are the pics **I'm sorry if these belong to anyone here, I just googled the names & copied the images**

    Balenciaga Hip

    LV Damier EVA

    Chanel Half Moon WOC
  10. Thanks for the pics! OK, I love the Half Moon and the Balenciaga Hip, especially in that color. The LV doesn't do anything for me.

    If you don't mind the flap closure then I'd pick the Half Moon, seems like it fits more than the Balenciagia Hip, but I could be wrong.
  11. Yeah, the LV doesn't really wow me as much as the other two. I think I just like the price better. It's probably coming off the list. Thanks for the replies :smile:
  12. Oh yes, the price is important too, of course. How much is the Balenciaga Hip?
  13. I think I read in the Bal forum that it is $795 USD. The WOC is approximately $1195.

    I'm guessing in Canada, it'll be about $850-900 for the Hip & $1250-1300 for the WOC :sad:
  14. I like all three, but would also keep in mind the amount of usage you will get out of each bag in relation to its price (cost per wear), as well as which bag will bear any abuse the most. A final factor is the amount of space that each bag gives you - but that consideration is also influenced by exactly what you will be using the bag for (to go out at night? For travel?) It seems to be that a bag that you would use to go out for drinks would need to be a little less roomy than one for travel.

    If you will be wearing it pretty often, then I say save and go for what you truly love the most; if not, then get the bag that you feel will give you the most for your investment. As for the bag that will be the most hard-wearing, that would be the Damier, hands down. In terms of space, the Chanel looks the roomiest. The Bal looks to be the size of their makeup and shoulder bags, and those are very small, IMO. I :heart: Bal myself, but think that the bags show wear in my mind it's a toss-up between the LV and the Chanel, and the choice between those depends on just how often you will be wearing the bag.

    Hope this helps!!! :smile:
  15. Personally I like the Balenciaga most. My second choice would be the LV (although you took it out of the running :smile:). I'm not a huge fan of that Chanel bag. I think I'd prefer the shape of a mini flap over the half moon.