Please help me pick a lindy

  1. ight now I have brighton blue with gold hw and am thinking about adding another. I'd love bag that I'd be able to wear for the spring and summer and would be a little different than the other color bags that I have.
    As far as birkins/kellys go, I have black, gold, raisin, graphite and rouge garrance. I only have one lindy in the BB. So please let me know, what color would you suggest?

    Oh, I should add that I am too afraid to try white or a very, very light color. I know me and I wouldn't wear it.
  2. etoupe ?
  3. I can't get icechick's lindy off my mind, I think it was olive? What do you think about that color?
  4. There was a very pretty green/olive one in my store. Really, really nice colour. Is orange too bright even in the summer?
  5. I saw a stunning etoupe Lindy 34 with GH. Really had a rich, warm tone - a perfect neutral.
  6. I wear alot of black --even in the summer so I don't think I'd be able to do orange.
    I'm definitely going to look at the etoupe. I love olive but I'm not sure about it as a summer color.
  7. How about cafe or orange swift lindy?
  8. I've never seen gold and etoupe together. I've only seen it with palladium. I'd love to see that combo.

  9. Cafe is another possibility. I don't have any browns...
  10. I vote for etoupe swift. Hurrah for soft, smooth and floopy in a great neutral!
  11. i have cafe and love it. especially if you don't have any browns.
  12. i think etoupe is the scaredy cats version of white especially with silver and light and neutral but safe..............(unlike white or cream)
  13. Matt croc in havanne – it is TDF!
  14. rethink potiron/orange ... summer/autumn/winter colour...
    spring - pairs well with white & khaki
  15. I have Orange in swift and Love it! Get it in 30 it is big enough to put essentials and more.
    Today I took it out to Montana St in Santa Monica CA and the comments were very reassuring. I was hesitant at first about the color but it is very nice to see in person.I took allot of professional advise from people here and found it to be very helpful . At a store there is a bit of commission pressure that the SAs put on you but since no one sees each other here. There opinion I feel is more honest. I hope I explained my self I know I rant but I hope it helps.Orange with silver in 30.