Please help me pick a jacket color!

  1. I realize how trendy North Face Denali jackets are, and I try to be anti- trend. But the bottom line is that I can't argue against a fleece that is top- quality and is superb as a defense against cold weather (I've tried many a fleece clothing!).

    Anyway, please help me choose a color. No black, because it attracts lint and hair. Thank you!

    Lush Green

    Mars Green

    Molten Red

    Pinnacle Blue
  2. i love the pinnacle blue it's so bright!
  3. red's my favorite color and i tend to graviate towards it, but this time i like the blue and the lush green! the mars green is too minty for me
  4. Lush green.
  5. I vote for the Lush Green.
  6. I like the red!
  7. I personally don't like any of them, but I would probably vote the blue. Al off my North Face winter wear is Winter White or Lime green.
  8. red and light blue IMO
  9. Mars Green.
  10. I like the red!!
  11. The blue is my pick!
  12. Red then blue....most people have the color combination and then black, so the blue is really different.
  13. Bluuuuue!
  14. I also like the blue.
  15. I like the red
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