Please help me pick a color

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Which color City should I get?

  1. ink

  2. cornflower blue (bluet)

  3. light pink

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I love love love the pink! But it might not be as versitle as the ink.. I would probably get the ink :love:
  2. INK! It's a chameleon depending on the lighting, so.. it's like owning a few City bags in different shades, lol! There, problem solved;)
  3. I can't vote!! I love the ink and the pink and the lilac... :P
  4. You are not sleeping under any rock!! LOL! The swatches are posted on

    Of course, I want one in every color!
  5. Thank you to all who weighed in on this very important issue :lol: I can see why these bags are so addictive!
  6. Hey Jag,
    are your still taking votes, or have you decided on a yummy color yet? Cant wait to find out!
  7. Definitely still taking votes because it will take a while for my SA to get the ink, and I can always return it if I decide to go with another color. As of right now, I am seriously in love with the ink!!!! But who knows what tomorrow brings, especially with my new b-bag obsession!!!
  8. I really like the Ink--and I don't even care for blue, but this is such a unique blue/purple. It's a very complex pigment.
  9. I like the ink too. But the cornflower is gorgeous IRL... tough decision!:sad:
  10. The ink sounds beautiful, but I love the cornflower! :love:
  11. ink and cornflower (i'm no help, sorry :biggrin: )
  12. I voted cornflower...but I :love: ink too! I guess with summer coming up I would lean more towards cornflower.
  13. since it's your first, I'd go with the ink.
  14. I am in the process of trying to decide the exact same thing! But I am adding Caramel (or camel...on that swatch site) to the mix. I talked with the NY Balenciaga store this afternoon. They have plenty of the ink, the pink and the cornflower. The caramel has not yet arrived. The one warning the guy gave me about the pink is...if you wear jeans a lot, the jeans will rub off onto the pink leather. He said the pink was particularly porous.

    I'm intrigued by the Caramel as I think it's a great year 'round color. But, so is the ink! So, I'm torn!!! I'm interested in the responses you get...but can I jump in and toss Caramel into the color mix...or should I start a new thread?