Please help me pick a color

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Which color City should I get?

  1. ink

  2. cornflower blue (bluet)

  3. light pink

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I caught the bug, and bad! I already ordered the city in ink, but was also considering the cornflower blue and the light pink (I have located all three colors). I can only do one b-bag right now, so which of the three colors in the City/Medium do you think I should get?:love:
  2. jag...I have the Box in cornflower and the color is just amazing! Such a beautiful blue.
  3. If it comes down to cornflower and light pink, since you are already getting a bluish shade, I vote for the light pink.
  4. Get the Ink :biggrin:., I do like the Cornflower too. That maybe my next color Bbag.
  5. I can only get one b-bag now, so I would send back the ink if I went for either the conflower blue or pink. I have to decide between these three colors- and I am in love with all three!!!
  6. In that case, ink all the way! In my opinion it is more unique than the other two. I think Balenciaga is somewhat likely to duplicate cornflower and light pink (or something very close) in a future season. Heck, cornflower and navy (from Fall 2005) are basically the exact same thing. The ink is really unique though, so I'm not sure we'll see anything quite like it in the future.
  7. I like the ink the best. All the other colors are beautiful too.
  8. Gosh, I love when others are getting as obsessed as I am! I choose the cornflower :smile:
  9. i've got a twiggy in the cornflower blue! its totally yum!!!! maybe since you've got 3 colours in mind you might want to get different sizes of b-bags! :smile:
  10. Oh, you are dangerous! I wish I could, but I can only choose one this time around. I already have my eye on the fall 06 colors- I love truffle.:love:
  11. I completely understand your dilemma, jag! It appears there will be a dark blue (blue roi--royal blue) for fall that is close to ink. (In case you decide to forgo the ink and choose the cornflower for now.) Tough call--I LOVE the ink too!

    The cornflower is also a great choice, and I have a feeling it will be popular for a long time as well--so if you ever tire of it, you could easily sell it. My vote would be for BOTH the ink AND the cornflower!!!
  12. What are the fall 06 colors out??? I must have been sleeping under a rock or something!!! ACK! How did I miss that?!?

    Oh yeah... my vote's for the ink then the light pink, though I do like cornflower too.
  13. I vote for ink, cornflower, then light pink. But there's supposed to be a dark blue for Fall 2006 so you can forego the ink if you like.
  14. Eh.... wat bag is this. Any pic to show?
  15. Pink :biggrin: