Please help me pick a color of Frye boots


It is what it is
Jun 19, 2009
After looking almost two years, I have decided to purchase a pair of Frye Melissa Button Boots. They seem to be great quality, comfort, and will actually fit my slim calves.

I am so torn between colors. My wardrobe usually consists of:
black, gray, white, blue, purple, pink, red, and taupe. I also have a black coat. I wear a lot of dark blue jeans and black leggings.

I am trying to figure out what color to get that will work well with pretty much all colors. I was leaning towards black but the last few pair of tall black boots I tried on made me look like a pirate ;) I am still open to them though if they seem to be the best pick.

Would you get:

Black Brush Off

Dark Brown Vintage


Fawn (a taupey greenish color)



Jul 11, 2006
I think I'll vote for black.

You will love them! They are sooooo comfortable and cute. I wore them all over Europe on a two week trip and never had a blister or sore feet.

I have them in cognac and wore them non stop last winter. I mostly wear black, gray, navy, or red and found the cognac color very easy to wear. I'm hoping to get them in black for the fall.