Please help me pick a color for Jet set travel tote

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  1. Hey all, I am thinking of getting a jet set travel tote and having such a hard time deciding on the color! I have been debating internally this whole week and I wanted to see what you ladies thought! I am starting grad school this fall and this bag will be mostly to carry around my laptop, books, snacks, etc.

    I am mostly drawn to Navy and Merlot. I already have a MK wallet in Navy, love the color, and I think I could use it all year. I have been seeing this bag in Merlot on Ebay and although it's more of a seasonal color, I love the deep burgundy and think the color is so beautiful. I would go for the Merlot except there is a voice in my head saying to get a more neutral color and I am not sure I could wear it during the spring/summer months.

    Luggage also looks like a beautiful color, but I already own a brown colored tote bag so I want to try something different. I have also toyed around with the idea of Chili because red could also be a year-long color, but it might be too much for pop of color since the bag is pretty large...

    Any thoughts? I would love to hear what your favourite colors are, or if you've seen this bag in specific colors you think looked nice! Anyone own Merlot? Is it more a Fall/Winter bag or could you use it around this time of the year as well?

    Thanks so much in advance! :heart:
  2. Sounds like you will be wearing it a lot so I would pick a color that would look good with most of your wardrobe. If you'll be wearing lots of dark clothes maybe having a pop of color like Chili would look nice. I think Navy is a great, classic color that will look good. It has a more conservative professional vibe to it (if you're going for that look). Navy also won't show dirt on the outside and so it will be easier to keep looking nice. Merlot is pretty, but I would only wear in Fall/Winter. Then again that's me. Some people would wear all year long. I hope that helps! Let us know what you decide and post pix. :smile:
  3. Since you'll be using the tote all year round and already own a brown one, I'd go with navy. You seem to like that color and already own a navy wallet, which would match. To me, merlot is more of a fall/winter color. Chili is a really gorgeous color, but on a large tote might be a bit much. I really love neutral colors for my larger bags and tend towards browns, dark greens, black and grey. I usually choose black over navy. However, for blues, I love sapphire for its dark, bold pop of color. Good luck with your decision. :smile:
  4. Thanks for the reply! I've seen the Navy in this style in person and would def agree with you about the professional vibe. And that's a really good point about the darker color being easier. I think I probably couldn't go wrong with navy, but like you said the Merlot is pretty.. ;) Hm, decisions decisions lol. I will definitely post pics once I decide! :smile:
  5. Thanks ubo! I know what you mean about black bags-- the most versatile of all! I already own a few purses in black (if only one of them were big enough to fit my laptop...) but otherwise I would be seriously considering the black!

    It looks like navy is the popular vote so maybe this tote in navy as a safer all-year color, and when fall/winter rolls around I'll treat myself to something smaller perhaps in Merlot....? Haha I really love the color although it is maybe a bit odd to be thinking about burgundy in the middle of May :smile:
  6. Can't wait to see what you decide on! :smile:
  7. One vote for Merlot. To me it is a year round colour. Honestly i was in the same situation deciding between Navy and claret, which is similar to Merlot, for my large Selma. In the end i took the Burgundy and I am really happy with it. It also depends on the clothes you wear. Burgundy is easier to match with black i think.
    Hope I could help a bit. Good luck!
  8. I'm going to go against the grain and recommend Chili. I had a Selma in this color and it's absolutely gorgeous. It bright enough to work in spring and summer and also works great in fall and winter. I don't mind color, though.

    I also agree with the poster above me regarding burgundy. I think it goes with more than navy would. With navy, you can't wear it with black, but with a burgundy shade, you can wear it with black, navy, brown, white, gray, etc and it'll always go. I think navy is a little more limiting unless you don't wear a lot of black.

    Whatever you decide on, post pics!!!
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