please help me pick a bag under 3000

  1. i do not have a lot of money and i want a bag so im looking for a bag that i can use for church ,weddings and funerals a dressy bag under 3000 i love they kelly bag but it would take a few years to get 7000 so im going to save up 1 or 2 years to buy a bag is there something under 3000 that is dressy my husband is going to start to give me 200 a moth so il have 2400 in one year and i can take some from income tx so anything under 3000 please let me know thank you
  2. do you want a clutch or more of a bag?

    for a bag there is basically the massai and the evelyn. maybe the bombay? I forget the price on the bombay.

    but there are alot of clutches for that range.

    the Jige is $2000 and under....and its a great clutch.
  3. Massai & Evelyne :smile:
  4. Would you consider a pre-owned or vintage bag? I think you can make your money go further if you would (LZ are selling a box kelly for $2500, for example).
  5. all the suggestions -- Jige clutch, Massai, and Evelyn are good.

    Also, Hermes makes a Kelly wallet in a large size that can double as a small clutch if you prefer the classic Kelly style. It is $2250 in box calf.
  6. i don't know that i would say an evelyn is dressy. if you want vintage i would say look at resellers or eBay for a constance. perfect for weddings, funerals or church.
  7. just what i was going to suggest, loony! and if you've got the patience to look at eBay and have the auction authenticated in the shopping sub-forum you can definitely find a nice vintage kelly for that budget. maybe even a scarf, too!
  8. It seems like you're looking for a somewhat dressy bag. The Evelyne and Massai seem too casual for weddings, funerals, etc. Are you sure you want to spend all that money on a bag you can use so infrequently... unless you go to a lot of weddings and funerals!!:p

    What about spending the $ on a bag you can use everyday and pick up a small-ish Chanel bag for a few hundred $ for special occasions. I believe you can find a great every day H bag, such as those mentioned above, for $2,400-ish and then you can use your tax refund for a special occasion bag. That's just my .02!

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
  9. ^^ :tup:

  10. I love the constance, and that amount would buy you a beautiful one.
  11. black box red interior.jpg
  12. Normally I would advocate for the Jige as it's a great little bag, well within budget and I'm a huge fan of it. But I think for the occation you mentioned, a vintage or gently used black box Kelly would be a lot more suitable.

    Those showed here in this thread are just beautiful.
  13. A Brand new Massaï in Black Clemence casual and classy.
    Or maybe a vintage Kelly if you are looking for a very classic style.
  14. What's the price range on a Trim? I always think of the Trim as a multi-function bag that can be used for many occasions.