Please help me out!

  1. I REALLY want an LV bag (along with Gucci and Balenciaga but I know Balenciagas are $$$$) but cannot afford one (unemployed college kid here :P) so I have been looking around dor gently used ones. My budget is about $250 at the moment and I want one big enough I can put my cell, wallet, camera, and small things like cash and receipts into without being overly cramped.

    Thank you everyone in advance!!
  2. dont give up hope :flowers:
  3. you can't have even a used balenciaga for 250, but i've seen some vintage speedy 25 being sold in ebay for around 250.
    maybe you should do your search and post in authenticate this to make sure it's a great deal.
    Good luck :P
    i got my first lv for 200$ too, a vintage petite noe from ebay. and i'm still loving it
  4. You can probably find a older speedy in that price range on ebay. You just need to be patient and look everyday. When you see something you're interested in, post it in the Authenticate This! forum or the link in the LV forum. Everyone is willing to help you authenticate it.
  5. I guess I should have been specific. My LV and Gucci price range is about $250. Balenciaga would be $600 (I know these things cost a small fortune) and I've been watching the Ebay post in PF.

    Thanks everyone!

  6. you can definitely get an older lv or around 250, if you don't mind something that is more used than new.
  7. Go on eBay and see what's up there. You might have to wait for a while to find the right one but I'm sure you'll find one in your price range!
  8. seahorse.... where do you get used balenciaga for 250?
  9. me_love_purse, i said YOU CAN'T HAVE A USED BALENCIAGA FOR 250 :P
    but i got my USED lv petit noe for around 200$
  10. Good luck with your search. Can you add the 250 for the LV with the 600 for the balenciaga or is it an either or type of thing. It's really rare to find a bbag for 600 bucks, but it's possible. It may need a little cleaning at 600, but I think that if you really want an authentic BBag, I'm sure you work on it. Just keep up the search. Don't ever get discouraged and keep your eye on the ball...bag that is.
  11. the LV speedy is a staple bag that can be used for years... and the size seems perfect for what you are going to need it for. i have had mine for years and nothing can wear that bag down. its great! i think your best bet would be ebay, but just be careful with the authencity!!!!