Please help me out: my store lost my order, need help with leather and possible colou

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  1. I am a Birkin newbie and all of you lovely ladies and gents have been so kind. I was patiently waiting for my B to arrive since January last year. But
    I had some initial problems with the person in charge of the handbags.
    My store this year has discontinued the list and they had to fulfill all of the prior year wish or order list (not sure of the correct terminology). I just called and it seems somehow something happened. My two SAs are freaking out as well as the guy in charge of the handbags. I am sending my DH who is more patient to deal with the situation because I will cry.
    So here comes the part I hope you could help me with. I initially made a request for a B 35 epsom black in GHW. I need a durable leather so I went for the epsom. Now I am wondering if another leather may still fit my desire. Please help me out and let me know what you would choose. If you have suggestions for another dark colour it would be great. Or something more rare to find please let me know. Also another stupid question but one can order a different kind of inside lining for their Birkin, how does that usually happen? Any suggestions on that?
    Any help and wishes for luck will be so very much appreciated. The minute and if I get my bag, you will be the first to know :smile:))
  2. Firstly I find Togo and Clemence very hard wearing, although some members find these leathers heavier than Epsom. Have you thought of etain or chocolate as a different colour, both good neutrals.

    Regarding a rarer colour, this maybe difficult, you'd be better checking with your store to see what they've ordered at podium and could potentially have. If you want a rarer colour you'd have to wait til next podium (July) and see if the store can order it for you. There is no guarantee that the colour you choose would be available to order at podium.

    With regards to a different lining, this would be classed as a special order and you'd need to be invited to order one of these. They also take a varying amount of time to come through. Some members have received theirs within 6 months but all my special orders have taken at least 2 years & I still have one outstanding that's now been 3.5 years, I've sort of given up ever seeing that one LOL!

    Hope this all helps
  3. Ms. Birkin thank you so much for your amazing reply. For the lining actually they asked me before since my DH loves hermes so much and has done a lot of shopping before I started falling in love for the quality and amazing leathers. But I felt embarrassed to ask what kind of lining is available, I have seen a lot of reds. Now I have a priority so I want to make sure I pick something beautiful. :smile:
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392905428.134420.jpg
    Just got my SO black Togo, ghw, with Argile interior. Togo is very durable but heavier than Epsom ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392905568.121743.jpg

  5. This is a beautiful combo & for sure to consider if the togo should become
  6. Beautiful. Thank you so much for the pic. Indeed lovely. I am only scared I heard this year the togo was not the same as prior years.

    Lovely bag. Enjoy it dear. I am so happy for your beauty :smile:))
  7. Togo has got thinner over the last few years which I find means the bags tend to slouch more. Apart from that Togo still holds up really well. HTH
  8. Thanks. Decisions. Decisions. :smile:
  9. My bag is a Q stamp and it actually is quite a bit thicker than my P stamp graphite, both are togo.
  10. Ah. Really good to know. Thanks :smile:

  11. Great. Thank you. Good to know.

  12. Same here, although mine had to go back to Paris due to the issue of skunk smell, but the Q Togo was thicker and stiffer than my P stamp Togo. But even my P stamp Togo is stiff and I can't imagine it will ever slouch.
  13. I also wanted to mention that if you are going to ask at your boutique about a special order Birkin, you should also look at pics of special combo bags in the reference thread for ideas. There are lots of beautiful examples of different color combos. I think there may also be a thread for pics of special combo bags. You should be able to find it if you do a search.
  14. Thank you so much for the info. I have been looking at most of the treads, especially the beautiful B in action. Will take a closer look at the leathers again. I I think this year there is a new darker black colour but not sure how it will look with GHW. :smile:))