~please help me out here!~ UGGs...

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  1. I decided to get some black Uggs but everything in the store is sold out (only one store nearby carries them). I allready own an orange pair that I got on sale a couple years ago and on the inside tag it says W8. So that should be my size. I use the orange ones inside the house and want some black ones to wear outside. I don't care which model as long as they are black.

    Now here's my question:

    Where's the cheapest place to get some black Uggs in W8 online. NOTE: I'm located in Europe...
  2. Anyone?
  3. Well when I bought some for Alaska....I got them at Zappo for the least. Dillards and Nordstrom always have them on sale here.
  4. I'm about to order a classic tall pair in black from Victoria Secret...not sure if they ship to Europe? They've gone up in price though...I think I bought my grey classic talls from VS for $165 and now they are $185