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  1. My husband just gave me a Hermès braclet. The thing is that this braclet is too small for my wrist. I heard that there is 2 sizes of theese braclets. I think I got the petit one. Does anyone know the diameter of the grand model?
    I'm also thinking of change the braclet to the thinner model. This bigger one is all over my arm. Haha i can't even drive my car (we drive cars with stick)!

    Thank you for your help!


  2. Rouaa, congratulations.....your bracelet is beautiful!! I do believe this style does come in two different widths.

    I cannot help with the size of the GM....but, could you give the SA a call at the boutique where your DH purchased this bracelet and inquire about size and an exchange??
  3. The problem is that I live in a city called Malmö here in Sweden. And they sell those in the capital city Stockholm. I called them today, but they just got the braclets and they didn't know the size of the GM. :tdown:

  4. By the way... Thanks :smile:
  5. the GM is almost six and one half centimeters wide, you should be able to exchange :tup:

  6. So it's 6.5 cm? Thank you! That should do it. :yahoo:
  7. yes just a little under that, congrats on a wonderful gift he gave you!!!

  8. Thank you so much :smile: He gave me a LV speedy 30 to. Just because he knew that I planed to buy the bag and braclet when I get a new job. He bought them as a gift for our 2 years of marriageanniversary . he is so wonderful :smile:
Thread Status:
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