please help me name these?

  1. thanks!! they're from my mom's collection!
    CIMG1150.JPG CIMG1162.JPG CIMG1174.JPG
  2. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
  3. oh, i am sorry rensky, i'm no help by the second two are so cute!
    someone will know, hang in there.....
  4. The bottom left is a Monogram Drouot
  5. Left is Cite MM, right is Drouot, and I couldnt locate the middle one in my catalog; hope that helps!
  6. thanks!! one down, two to go!! :wlae:

  7. from left to right: Cité GM, Buci, Drouot. HTH :smile:
  8. cite MM? thanks!! it's just that when i searched for "cite" in eluxury, the style looks different :confused1:

  9. thanks!!

    but i don't think it is the GM...i think it's way smaller?

  10. First one is a Cite bag
  11. does anyone have the retail prices of these?
  12. hmm... at first glance it looked like the biggest size, but it could be the MM. it's definitely a Cité :yes:
  13. im wrong. ill shut up now.