Please help me!! My kitten is peeing wherever she wants!!!

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  1. #1 Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 5, 2010
    Please help me I am at my wits end! I have moved the boxes, I have always cleaned them everyday, they are in low traffic areas, I have taken all the oniline advice I could but nothing has helped. Shes does her #2 in her box but thats it. Please any and all advice welcome!!
  2. If she's peeing everywhere she may have a urinary tract infection. It hurts when they pee so they have a negative association with the litter box. That's why they pee everywhere else. I'd get her to a vet!
  3. ^^ Agreed. She may be acting out if something is wrong and trying to tell you something. Was she a good pottier before?
  4. Completely agree with the above two posters! Also, keep an eye on her water consumption so that you can tell the vet if she's drinking more or less than usual.
  5. Well Ive only had them (sisters) for 2 weeks. I did change them to flushable litter instead of clay and I just bought a new box. But she keeps finding new places to pee! I am going to petsmart tomorrow to see what I can find out and making a vet appt this week to. I just don't know why she does her #2 in the box but not #1? It seems behavioral but I suppose the vet will know? Thanks keep the tips coming!
  6. I agree with the previous kitty used to do this, she liked to do it on my bed and then the dog's bed! It was so aggravating, but she had a UTI. It hurt her to pee, so she connected the litter box with the pain in going #1, so she'd go anywhere but the litter box. #2 isn't a problem because it doesn't cause her any pain when she uses the litter box.
  7. I am trying cat attract for their litter, the sec i put it on top of the litter they jumped in to pee. And I am using natures miracle to clean up the spots. So far so good, I will keep you posted..
  8. Hey Baglady, a few words for ya

    1. We had a cat once who "leaked" everywhere, he had horrible urinary problems and no one could figure it out, turns out he was fixed badly and they messed up- then turns out he was actually a hermaphrodite! I'm not going to talk anymore about that story it's very sad and probably 1/10000000 that you're in the same situation. However if they have been fixed it could be something similar to an error during the procedure.

    2. One of my parents cats now used to do the same thing, she was confused. My mom researched a ton and it turns out the cat needed a better box environment. By closing the box off and making it more private and adding a planet around the it changed the environment and she felt more comfortable going there, since that there have been no issues.

    3. Could she possibly be marking places, you said she likes to go in your dogs bed, that may be her making her place and being territorial and trying to be alpha over the dog. If she's going places where the dog spends a lot of time I'd think it prob. has something to do with that. It's funny to think but there's actually a lot of psychology involved with certain things our pets do and sometimes it's not as simple as them just misbehaving.
    -also, cats often pee where other pets have peed, it has to do with the dominance thing again, has your dog gone in these places too?

    Hope you solve it asap, cat pee is a nightmare.
  9. Have you tried Feliway before? It is worth a shot. My parents had the same problem with one of their cats, and they got this and it helped. It's a diffuser that you plug into the wall, and it releases cat pheromones. It supposedly helps cats calm down and makes their behavior more regular, and it can sometimes help with cats who have frequent accidents.

    You can read the reviews.. it works for some people, while others have no results. I figured it was worth trying if you are desperate- good luck!