Please help me make the choice!!

  1. Hi, I am new here, after viewing all the gorgeous Chole handbags, I really hope to own one myself. I found some good deals: tan siverado tote for $736 and white Edith tote with shoulder strap for $655. I really want to be a good girl and start with only one, but both of them are just so lovely, I can't let them go!! :crybaby:
    Could anybody help me to make up my mind? Thanks a lot!!
  2. If you only had to pick one....:graucho: I would go with the one that goes w/a majority of your wardrobe...For me, the tan would win over the white, however they are two lovely bags and you got them for a really good deal!
  3. I'd say keep both if there is any way you can! You won't find them again later, specially at those prices!

    Please post pics.....
  4. Thanks ssangit for your suggestion.:kiss: I also love Tan more, I can't get other colors for Edith because I had just one sec of hesitation and bom! they all gone except the white ones......:shocked::crybaby:

    Just thought white edith would be a good choice for work, but that tan silverado goes with all my casual clothes. I may keep the silverado........
  5. I know keeping both would be a easier choice, especially for such lovely prices, but I can't with my budget limit.....
    The edith is coming next week, I promise I will post both of them and a Edith Bowling that I decided to return!:okay:

  6. which store did you find the silverado at? ive been calling all of them:sad:
  7. nm, I'm really lucky cause it's deleted after I placed order, guess I just grab the last one~~~:yahoo: