Please help me make a decision..

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I can't decide what to purchase next before the price increase....
    I currently have..
    damier speedy 30
    epi ivoire alma
    heart coin purse framboise
    small agenda framboise
    porte-tresor international framboise

    What do you guys think i should get next:
    I was considering :
    monogram pulp weekender pm (yellow)
    damier azur hamstead pm or mm
    zippy wallet (violette or mc)
    eugenie (grenaldine epi)

    I don't live in a city with an LV store, so i haven't been able to see these up close and try them on. Which one do you think i should get? I'm open to other suggestions as well.
  2. if you love the pulp, then I would definitely get that one first since it's LE!
  3. i think i've narrowed it down to either:
    the MC black zippy or the pulp..
    i hate how the zippy is so expensive, i can almost get the hampstead with it. kinda frustrating. i keep on going back and forth.. going to go crazy
    i'm also deciding between the violette key and change holder or the violette cles. I like the key and change holder because it would be so versatile (keys, cards, and change ) but the cles has 4 key rings which is good because i have so many keys...
  4. I would go with either monogram pulp weekender pm (yellow) or the damier azur hamstead pm or mm. First because you still don't have monogramm piece, second because it is a beautiful piece. Maybe I would suggest the azur - great for spring.
  5. Thanks Kimalee and fettfleck!
  6. weekender!
  7. LVoe the damier azur hampsted!
  8. I saw the Pulp weekender two weeks ago and let me tell you, it's super AWESOME!!! I'd say go for that one since it's LE. :woohoo: