Please help me make a decision!

  1. A new Chanel boutique has just opened in my area. I have a black medium classic flap in lambskin which I love but feel that it might be too dressy for every day use (I don't like the caviar) so I'm going to visit the boutique after work in a couple of hours and see if I can find something I like more. I just phoned them and they said they have lots of bags in stock because they only opened today and they have the 2.55 reissue in black! Now I really don't know what to do. I don't know whether to keep my classic Chanel or go for the reissue. Which will be best for the long term in terms of which will be more of a classic bag and also resale value? I love the CCs on the classic but find that the actual bag is too formal for me but the reissue is nice because it's more squashed down and has distressed leather, so more casual I feel. However, it doesn't have the CC logo. I can tell I am going to be so stressed out in a few hours when I'm trying to decide in the boutique. I definitely want a flap bag though. Help!
  2. OMG!!!! I'll get the reissue
  3. Are the reissues more rare than the classic flaps? I am only ever going to be able to afford one Chanel bag in my life so I want to get the right one!
  4. Hi Honeybunch, the reissue is absolutely gorgeous, so you should adore looking at the bags today.

    What will you do with lamby, as I am guessing because you have used her, you cannot return it now?

    Hope you find your perfect bag!
  5. If you think the classic one you have is to formal, I would def. go for a reissue. It's just as timeless only more versatile.. good luck and have fun with deciding!
  6. Thanks Chloe-babe. I wanted to get a reissue as well as my lambskin classic. I haven't actually used my lambskin yet. It is still in its box! They had a reissue at the new boutique but it was a new season one that was slightly patent distressed leather with tarnished silver hardware in 226 size. Cheaper than my classic as well! It was nice but I wanted gold hardware. They said this was going to come out in Feb. I've decided to save up for one! I'm keeping my lambskin because I love the CC clasp so much.
  7. get the reissue! I just bought a med lamb too but I'd love to find one in 225 with s/h.
  8. reissue reissue reissue!

    I think reissues just have that edge - they look fabulous with jeans or leggings and boots, but you can dress them up with a ball gown if you need to!
  9. Well thanks for all your advice ladies but I'm going to keep my classic and save up for a reissue when they come out in Feb because I just want them both!
  10. how do you like your med classic? I purchased it but havent get to see it yet, been trying to exhange for a small but couldnt find one.....and do know if the reissues's price increase? how much is it for a 225 ? thanks:smile:
  11. I didn't get to see any 225s because they only had a 226 size. Also, I live in the UK so prices will be different. However, the 226 size reissue I saw was actually cheaper than my medium lamb classic but the SA said that's because it was made from calfskin. I love my medium classic but it is a very classic style which could be perceived as being quite old-fashioned and formal, I'm still trying to get used to it as I dress quite funky/scruffy! I had the same dilemma about the small classic vs medium. I saw the small for the first time last night and it just looks like too much of an evening bag to me, although it is very cute. Plus, it was only 25 GBP less than the medium so I think it's better to get the medium as it's a classic size and worth the few extra dollars you spend for the extra space in it. I also feel the medium is more substantial for the money you pay and looks proportionally better than the small. The small looks very "dinky"!! Keep your medium, I say!
  12. Get the reissue. You'll love it.
  13. oooh thats great that you are not going to sell lamby, it must be love then ;)

    A classic lambskin and a reissue, is all you will ever need, so great choices I think :smile:

    Was it the new Manchester store that you visited? x

  14. Yes it was the Manchester branch. The SAs are very helpful there.
  15. You'll really love the reissue!