Please help me make a decision!!!

  1. I have an OP Sloan in my cart from bluefly. With the 15% discount, it's $1645.

    I recently purchased a Magenta Veneta. I should be receiving it today.

    Should I buy the Sloan???

    I have so many bags!!! I was obsessed with Balenciaga so my collection consists of B bags. The Magenta Veneta will be my first BV. I also have a BV card holder and a BV cosmetic case (both from bluefly) on the way.

    I need help :confused1:

  2. Today is not a good day for me to be answering this one.

    My advice...order them both...get them home...try them on. Decide to keep one. I don't feel you need both, but maybe you are not at peace because you can't decide which one is the better of the two for you. When you have them both at home you will be able to relax and decide. You can also post pics for us of you modeling them and we can help you.
  3. Thanks for your advice. I purchased the Veneta from eBay so I cannot return it.

    Actually I decided soon after posting that I am not going to go for it. If it's meant to be mine, I will come across it again :yes:

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my thread!!!
  4. There are Sloane bags at
    i just bought one, the colours are limo and noce.
    and it's on sale, only about $1400 exclude VAT.
  5. I have the bag in my cart on bluefly.....again!!!!!! What should I do!?!???!
  6. well, if the money is not too big an issue, i`d go for the op sloane...

    imo, it`s different from a magenta veneta. see, magenta pops as a color and is girly and fun and just makes a statement. so i`d take this bag as a bag for, say, going out.

    op in the form of a sloane is more mature, more elegant, more discreet and would be perfect for those times when you want to feel like a real lady ;o)
  7. Thank you! It's actually the sloan in nut. I think that's the color. The OP is gone but I was having 2nd thoughts about that color. I figure the nut is more easy to wear and will compliment my clothing.
  8. i love love love noce - so I will be enabling and telling you yes yes yes, go for it, if money is not the major issue (obviously if you will be putting yourself in trouble, don't do it). you could always sell another bag of your collection???

    anyway, noce is a classic colour, one that will always be there so you either get a bag for years to come or you could always get it another time, kwim?
  9. UGH!! I keep on changing my mind. One second I want to buy it, the next second I don't.

    The thing is, I have gone way overboard purchasing Balenciaga bags :wtf: While I still love them (in fact, I am even hosting a B Bag party in my house this Saturday with a bunch of pfers).... I have bought so many B bags, that I am almost getting sick of them.......

    And now I am here :p

    Money is a definite concern. I wouldn't feel so bad if I could sell some of my B bags. But unfortunately I do not qualify for the market place and I don't want to deal with eBay.......

  10. don't do it then - like I said noce is part of the permanent collection so another bag in that colour will come around! not sure whether the Sloane is permanent shape but there will be something else.

    what about taking some to a consignment store, if you want to sell them, that is. it won't be as much but you don't have to deal with eBay? just a thought.... oh, also I think you could return it so maybe after seeing it in real life you will know whether it is for you or not?
  11. wait, so what is the dilemma? noce sloane vs OP sloane? since OP is not going to be produced again, i say get the OP. noce is a permanent color and i believe the sloane is a permanent style so it won't be hard to find if you change your mind. but honestly, the fact that you're going back and forth on both colors makes me think you don't really love either but are being swayed by the bluefly discount -- DON'T. don't buy a bag unless you absolutely love it (what some call the "ding ding ding"), especially if buying it will cause you financial hardship.
  12. ^ i think the dilemma is yes bag or no bag - and since it is the noce sloane and both are permanent I guess don't put yourself in financial pressure if you can help it!
  13. Hi again- thanks guys. The fact is that I tend to drive myself crazy over the littlest things. I did not get either bag and I feel good about my decision!!

    Thank you!
  14. ^^^good for you! If you feel at peace with the decision, it's the right one. Later on, if it's meant to be, there will be other lovely bags.
  15. ^^ ITA, the only bags I have ever regretted were the ones that I got in part because it was such a "good deal" and winds up NOT being a good deal for me because I didn't really feel the love. The heart-dropping bags that grab you right away are the ones I haven't waffled over or regretted, even at full price. So good choice to wait for something you can't do without!