Please help me make a decision-Mini Paddy Vs Quilted Bay

  1. Please help,

    I was planning to buy one of these when I was on holiday in a couple of months but for various reasons i'm probably going to get one here and now :yahoo:. But I just can't decide. I have a beautiful muscade Paddy (normal size) which I :heart: to death and use all the time, and would like a mini (in black or choc) as a variation. However I have recently started to fall for the Quilted bay, it seems more practical as its bigger (and I do carrry alot) but then i think I don't really have small bags so should I go for the paddy?

    I need some advice from ladies in the know,

    Ta x

    If you have a paddy, I would go for something completely different in your collection... That way, you've got 2 completely different chloe bags. If you find you love one style more than the other, you can build up that style...
  3. ^ Er, obviously, that should have been 'quilted bay.' *smacks head with hand*

    Although if you can find a quilted bat, that would be quite cute too!

    Sorry for the second post but there' something wrong with my edit function - it's taking forever to load.
  4. Thats for your post. I'm really loving the bay and would probably get more use out of it as its larger but the price tag is scaring me, it would my most expensive purchase yet......
  5. Hmmm... a scary price is a good reason to not go through with something! To justify a scary price, you need to love it absolutely and unconditionally, otherwise you'll always be unsure... If you need a bigger bag, though, perhaps the mini paddy isn't a good idea either. What about a regular paddy in a different colour? One of the other new season chloes?

    ...or (dare i say it) another brand? Balenciagas are big and soft and they have fantasti colours! Ok, now I'm logging off before the others find me and kill me LOL
  6. *gasp* i_wona! You cheater! LOL jk, I cheat on Chloe also.
    But back to Chloe bags, cat, it sounds like the mini paddy might not be for you. I don't carry much on a regular basis- my Edith and my LV Speedy always seem empty when I carry them. However, i can't fit everything I normally carry into my mini Paddy. I have to adjust things to fit in it. If you carry a lot, you probably won't get much use out of it, as cute as it is. Why not wait until a Bay is on sale?
  7. I agree with the pp's. It would be nice to have an alt. to your Paddy. You've probably missed the after Cmas sales, but I'm sure other sales will be coming up.

    My bay is my first (and only) Chloe bag, and I love it more each day. It's SO practical, beautiful, and fashionable! I'm not saying the Paddy isn't any of those things, but it's not my style as much, I'm a big bag girl!
  8. my vote goes to quilted bay!! i am an owner of a non quilted and i cant stop loving it..! while i saw the quilted bay IRL (it was a bowling style) and OH MY.. it was so beautiful!! my first impression was WOW!! there are many styles of quitled bays.. my fav. would be the bowling (hand held) in patent black <<< dreams!! :biggrin:
    i agree with the girlz.. since u have a paddy.. i say go for a bay..!!:heart:
  9. Quilted Bay!!!!
  10. Ah thanks ladies for all ur advice. However, I think i'm going to get both (eventually) but going to get the baby first as it the one Ive wanted longest and its a diff size to the bags I currently have.

    I'm off to selfridges tomorrow so going to see both in real life.

    If anyone can stand anymore questions....
    I have the medium in Muscade so was going to get the mini in black (that way I can take it out drinking etc and not worry about spills and marks) but then theres the choc brown-I was thinking this was too similar to the muscade, what do u ladies think? Plus if I go for black I can take it home tomorrow as its in stock, this always help to sway me!
  11. Chocolate is darker than muscade. I would get the black though, as chocolate and muscade are kind of the same color family.
  12. I got the mini black paddington this week and it is absolutely beautiful!! I think it is perfect for going out with - holds all my essentials - purse, phone hairbrush, camera and I have even been able to squeese in some perfume!!
    Here is a few pics for you!!
    let me know what the rest of you think too!!

    SNV82066.JPG SNV82067.JPG SNV82069.JPG SNV82068.JPG