Please help me! (Major problems with condition of "new" bag)

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  1. Hello fellow Miu Miu lovers!

    I have recently purchased a Nappa Runway Tote which the seller has claimed "new" on eBay.

    I have gotten it triple authenticated by the lovely ladies from "authenticate this Miu Miu" so the bag itself is not the problem: infact, I totally fell in love with this cute shape!

    But upon recieving the bag, I have come to a conclusion that this bag was used! I messaged the seller prior to purchase to ask her what the bag is supposed to look like, as I am new to Miu Miu. She has stated that the leather was crinkly as that is how the Nappa leather is supposed to be like, but I have noticed a BIG discoloration on the bag which I KNOW isn't part of the bag! (Upon bidding on this bag, I used this Miu Miu subthread like my I also want to know if the Nappa is really 'crinkled?' I saw some photos of other Nappa leather, and I'm really not sure if this is over-crinckled. (attached photos)

    Re-reading over the auction, I'm not even sure what she meant by 'display-model'...The term 'new' and 'display' are completely diffferent, no?
    This CANNOT be new, and she even told me she hasn't used it... :sad:

    The seller was VERY wonderful and communicated with me thoroughly until my bag arrived, and I really DO NOT want to offend her as she is also a proud member of tPF. But I really can't be justified to pay a lot of money for something that is used when it is stated "new"...

    It's not just the discolouration that turned me off, but there were other problems as well, including an orangey colouring to the upper/inner layer of the handles (mostly inner as I'm assuming they were carried and the colour faded away) and 3 white stains that has not come off with a damp cloth. I don't want to do anything else to it incase it makes it worse but I tried with the cloth and it's not coming out... :crybaby:There was also tons of hair inside the bag when I flipped the lining out to inspect it...

    I have attached photos, and am wondering what you guys think...

    Do you think I will offend her by asking for a refund?
    Am I overreating?
    Are they supposed to be like that?

    I think it will be more than fair because I have evidence, but on her auction site, the seller stated NO REFUND...I'm not sure if that's quite fair especially if the statement propsed is not true!

    I'm really upset at myself for trusting the seller just because I assumed she was a seller from tPF, but at the same time I feel bad for her because she seems like a wonderful person for me to ask for a refund. (She even sent me a personal note, saying thanks for purchasing the bag...) :crybaby:

    I would really like to stand behind my statement though because I really can't see this bag as new, but do you guys think it's fair I ask for my money back???

    Please, PLEASE tell me what I did was the right thing... :Push:

    Thanks so much.

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  2. if she put display model and new, it was probably the one on display, which i guess everyone looks out? Asking for a refund is so so, since you have to pay for return shipping. Paypal disputes are pretty much the same, but doesn't guaranty. All sales final and the "display" model pretty much cover's the seller's bases
  3. MOD Please close the thread; For some odd reason, I can't edit my own thread (I was going to delete it)

    I was able to contact the seller and am able to get a refund.
    Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hang on!!! I'm a bit concerned that a tPFer has listed a bag as new and you found hair inside of it?? YUK. Doesn't seem right.
  5. It was stated as a 'display' model...Maybe that's why?
    To be honest, I really have no idea, but it's ok because she is going to refund me the money.

    On a sidenote, why can't I edit my own thread, but can edit my reply to the thread? Weeeeeird.

    The case is now closed.

  6. No, you cannot edit a thread, just your posts.

    I'm glad it worked out for you!!

    Suggestion to seller: Good idea to revise your listing (if you relist) - and disclose all the defects as your buyer has posted above. :yes::yes: