Please Help Me LV lovers! esp. Epi fans!

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  1. Hi guys,

    I deseperately need ur help on deciding my epi purchase!

    I want something in red and new ivory white....I'm thinking soufflot red and passy ivory.......what do u think?

    I'm also looking for speedy in mandarin n lilac color.......let me know if somebody have it...:yes:

    thanxxxxxxx! you guys are the best :p
  2. Soufflot is gorgeous but so is the speedy! The 25 is a great size and it runs bigger in epi than in mono for example.
  3. Have you checked the new one coming out, the Montaigne PM? It comes in red and white, also.

    Your choices are really good, though. Red soufflot and passy ivory will be hot!
  4. Yes I did....My SA showed me the picture ;)

    I think I'm gonna get the soufflot and passy first.....have been dreaming of those ...LOL ....

    Speedy is my 3rd choice actually............I already owned 3 lin, damier canvas and damier azur....but I'll definitely get the speedy in lilac and mandarin if I see them..

    Howbout Vivienne long? what do u guys think?
  5. that's all eBay on the mandrin! and lilac!
  6. Yeah...they have nothing on eBay right now :sad:

    What do u guys think about the mandarin color anyway? is it too bright?
    maybe soufflot in...mandarin? but I prefer the soufflot red....
  7. Wow.. good choice.
    I love the idea of ivory Passy..unfortunately, I already got red Passy.. :sad:
  8. Mandarin is my favorite color. For me, it is drop dead gorgous, and I receive compliments when I carry it. I have the soufflot. It is a great bag, but I also just purchased the dhanura in mandarin, and I find myself carry it more and more often.
  9. it really depends on ur skintone, i love my Mandrain Jasmin, but just can't pull it off w/my Asian skin tone. Red and ivoire flatters any skin tone :smile:
  10. O really? I'm an Asian mandarin would not be a good choice then? :crybaby:

    Btw...I'm still amazed with my azur 30 speedy....I got it today.... it's gorgeous.... I almost bought the red soufflot too...but I decided to wait until next month:yes:
  11. I'd just bought my mum the red passy (to match with her Epi Red compact wallet i got her in paris) It really is a beautiful shape and versatile. I don;t really care for the soufflot

    I also prefer the red over the ivory. That red is so vibrant!! i love it
  12. My friend has the soufflot in red and it's so pretty..
  13. I love the Vivienne long, looks like a really great bag.
    I'll get the Mandarin Speedy 25 for my B'day... it's my favourite color. But lilac is def. on my list, too. Good luck w/ finding one :yes:
  14. There is a mandarin jasmin on let-trade. She is a beauty. I would have bought this If I hadn't located my speedy 25. I think the soufflot in red is gorgeous! I also agree with your choice of white/ivory passy! Very good taste! Have fun!
  15. anybody has jasmin in here? is it roomy? compared to passy?

    yeah I saw one in let-trade....not a bad you know how's their items' condition? is it in good shape?