Please help me! Looking for a small, black going out bag. Multipocket???

  1. I hope someone can help me. As my title explains, I'm searching for a small black bag. Nothing extremely small but not overly large either, for those rare nights I go out with my girlfriends (we are going out without our kids this Saturday night!!!).

    The small mulitpocket bag looks very cute. Where can I find one? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

    Thank you so much!
  2. I believe Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Shopbop, the Purse Store, the Marc Jacobs boutique, etc all carry them. The bag I find myself using a ton for nights out is the little Stam. It holds just enough stuff for a typical evening and looks fab. Good luck!
  3. Melly, could I trouble you with a link? I cannot seem to find them online on the sites you provided. Perhaps I have to actually go to the store to check it out? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks Melly. I'm still undecided about the bag. I should go to the stores and check them out irl.
  5. Good luck! Let us know what you decide. :flowers:
  6. You'll love the mulitpocket!!!! So classic...I have two and most likely will end up getting another one lol in my life time!!! Let us know if you get it!! Good luck!!!
  7. I'm always grabbing for my multipocket when I go out. It's the perfect size. Not too heavy, fits comfortably on my shoulder, even with a coat. Looks great with everything. I love it.
  8. I think the baby stam is a great bag for evenings out. The multipocket seems more like a casual day bag to me.
  9. My vote is for the "kid" or a little Lou for dressy, yet can actually hold things.
  10. I really like my little stam for nights out - fits plenty without being big and looks good dressy or not so dressy.

    I have the small multipocket also & while I love them I do see them as more of an every day daytime look.
  11. I agree with thithi, abby and kbell. I think the baby stam is cuter for going out as the MP seems very causal and more of a daytime bag.
  12. Thanks guys. The Stam, based on the pics I have seen online, may be a bit too dressy. When I go out, it's usually in jeans and a cute top. But maybe it would work. I have to check it out!
  13. I usually wear jeans myself & a nice top - it doesn't look too dressy imo, I love it:smile:
  14. Thanks kbell, I will check the bag out soon! :smile: