Please help me look gorgeous for my wedding!!

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  1. Ladies, I am in serious need of a new skincare regimin and I want to get started so that I'm not changing products right before my wedding. I'm talking cleanser, toner, SPF, night cream, eye name it, I need it!

    I'm 28 and my skin is a bit of a pain. I have wrinkles in my forehead which are becoming rather pronounced and a general lack of elasticity around my mouth which is making my smile lines look awful! My skin in pretty sensitive and can be dry but I am an oil slick around my nose and forehead. I have serious blackheads on my nose that I abhor and as of the last 6 months I've been getting cystic acne popping up on my cheeks and jawline that's leaving scars (I used to only get one on my chin once every 6 months or so but now this is a regular thing).

    I use Retin A...sparingly, because it dries out my face like crazy, Peter Thomas Roth Chamomile cleanser, the Olay regenerist line and exfoliate twice a week.

    PLEASE HELP! I want to be glowing on my wedding day!
  2. I'm also getting married and am 29. When my best friend got married last year, her makeup artist recommended Gommage by Yonka (you can buy it online at The Skinstore). She swore that it would give her a beautiful glow, and it really did. I've been using it for a few months now and find that it does the same for me. It is sort of weird stuff though. When you peel it off, it looks like glue! :lol: Otherwise, I'd recommend it. Plus, I cannot speak highly enough of any of Philosophy's products.
  3. Congrats!! Seeing as how I would do pretty much anything for glowing skin, I'm definitely going to try that product!
  4. Congrats to you too! :smile:

    I'd definitely try it and if you order from the Skinstore, do a Google search for a coupon code. I think the one they are using now is LUV20, but I cannot swear to it...

    Also, if you change up your diet and eat really clean that should help. The best way to get an outter glow is from the inside. I've been desperately trying to stick to veggies, fish, and fruit. Tonight is pizza night though, so we'll see how that goes. :lol:
  5. Hi girls.

    I have really nice skin at the moment, as I changed my hole skinregime in october.
    My best tip is using the md formulation continuous renewal serum morning and night, md formulations scrub twice a week, decleor hydra floral mask twice a week. A good toner and a good moisturizer is a must aswell.

    For glow on the day use bareminerals radiance all over face.
  6. Cosmogrl5 - Yeah, that healthy eating thing is probably the hardest for me. I'm a total junk food junkie! Skinstore is an awesome site too! Thanks!

    kvamkvam - That mask looks PERFECT! Thank you!
  7. lots of fruits, veggies, water and moisturizer.