Please help me locate this bag?

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  1. That's from two years ago. Good luck finding it.
  2. Yeah I know. I have been wanting it since then. That's why I am kicking myself for not getting it back then.
  3. LMAO!!!!! I have this is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry) I paid full prive for kills me to see this on sale.....ugh....
  4. You know - I bought this bag full price, and returned it. Then I was debating between this bag and the LV Galliera in LA and got the LV bag. But I really desperately still want this one. It kills me that I returned it AND then I missed out on this sale of this bag that I want so much.

    You are so lucky - this bag is IMO very classic and very chic at the same time. Even better that it is so functional!
  5. ^Yes---That's exactly why I bought the bag....sooooooooooooo easy to get in and out of this bag....When was it on sale?
  6. Not sure when it went on sale. I thought it was a part of a permanent collection in the stores. But my heart dropped last night when I was looking for the bag to see if it might have gone on sale and found out it really did. I also thought I saw it in the stores still. But I could be wrong since I haven't been to the mall in a while (been too busy - wen back to college, working, etc.).
  7. ^If someone sees this thread, and they see it in a store..they will pm you I'm sure!!!
  8. I really really hope so. I am kicking myself so much right now.