Please help me locate this bag in black!

  1. I got this flap bag from the Paris-NY F/W 2006 collection. The NM SA had to have this one shipped from Tyson's Corner. (Dennis the Atlanta NM SA was so nice - and he was actually a Gucci specialist!)

    While it is gorgeous, I am increasingly worried about getting the fair-skinned lambskin bag dirty in no time. Therefore, I have not yet been able to clip the tag and make the commitment. :P

    The Saks SA manning Chanel today was not helpful at all - she told me Saks did not purchase the bag at all.

    While reading the threads, I have read posts of sighting of the same bag in black. If you are so kind to post who or where I could call to get it, I would really appreciate it. Saks would be nice, since I have a couple of ECGs, but if I have to turn to another store, so be it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Saks NYC had it last week.... of not call Melissa at Saks Boca... she has a way of finding anything you need.....
  3. I'm sorry I'm not help but that bag is GORGEOUS!!!
  4. Thanks japskivt. I will give her a call first thing in the morning.
  5. Wow. The Saks NYC SA's really do live up to their crummy reputation. Condescending and rude! I should have hung up on that b@%&*. I will be writing a strongly worded letter to Saks over the weekend. I have gotten far better service at the local Walmart.:rant:

    Melissa was sweet. She has yet to call me about the bag. Whatever the outcome, the beige beauty is going back to NM tonight. I don't see myself carrying it as much as I would like to because of the precautions required. In black, I definitely will - ALL the time! Hope Melissa can find it for me. Kepping my fingers crossed....
  6. Good luck, that bag is gorgeous!
  7. gorgeous bag!!!good luck finding it.
  8. The search for the bag in black was unsuccessful. :crybaby: Chanel told me their boutiques and Saks were out, but NM might have some. I went to NM 30 minutes before closing time, the NM handbag manager called five stores to no avail while I was browsing and waiting. He promised he and Dennis will check with more stores.

    At any rate, I returned the light beige to NM Atlanta - they now have at least two. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for the black.
  9. Yay - the NM manager delivered his promise! Dennis called this afternoon to tell me the black one is on its way to Atlanta. This time I did not have to pay in advance to secure it.

    I am so excited! I hope the bag is in prestine condition (not a floor model). Will post pics when I bring the baby home.

    The whole episode made me wonder why Saks SAs are so reluctant to check with other stores, while NM SAs start checking the instant I ask about a bag not in their store. The same thing happened when I got my reissue. Saks SA flatly said no 226s available in any color. NM SA checked with other stores - she called around, had the elusive gray 226 delivered to the store, and I could make my decision between the black and the gray. (I got the black.)
  10. Congrats! I have noticed the same thing...the NM "search" process seems much more efficient than that used by Saks... The search process at Saks seems quite "person/SA dependent"...
  11. Yeah... but if you call customer service and complain... they will do ANYTHING you want and search ANY store!! The problem is they can't check a bag based on the model number (saks)... they need a bar code.... so half of the time they REALLY can't find it unless you have all the info on the tag! It so stupid!!
  12. Yea that they located one!!!

    I agree, NM bends over backwarsd to locate a bag, at least in my experience.
    My SA scans the tag and searches the computer and knows immediately. . . it should always be that easy!