Please Help me locate The ABBEY TOTE~~~

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  1. NMV9769_mn.jpg
  2. It's kind of hard to find because this platino trim is a cruise 2007 style, and also this bag in this trim was never featured on

    I did see this bag in the white or brown trim on the US site (or maybe I got confused with the international site, I live in Hong Kong) just a few days ago, but it was removed for some reason. It's not on the pre-sale site either. Anyway it's displayed in the international site:

    Try asking an SA at any Gucci store and hae them track it down for you.

    If you can't find it at a store, I suggest eBay, but post the bag in the authenticate this Gucci thread so you don't buy a fake! Good luck!
  3. The one in brown was on the presale link but has now been removed, maybe it is sold out.