Please help me locate Black Luxe Bowler Medium !!

  1. A few of you have had some luck in this area recently please impart your wisdom!!

  2. i saw one in coral at 57th st chanel in NY. i haven't seen a black one in awhile. i'll post if i see anything. :smile:
  3. There is a coral med. and red. small at NM in White Plains
  4. Ooohhh... what does the coral look like? Orange? Is is patent?
  5. NO it's smooth leather. It's more pinky then orange. It was very pretty.
  6. The coral is gorgeous... I shop at that NM myself :smile: It is similar to the coral medium classic that came out in '06 (I have one of those!!), but a tad more pinky, I believe.
  7. that coral color reminds me of the color of a salmon (fish)
  8. Charlotte NC had a a black patent one on Sat. Not sure if is the size you are looking for, but it's worth a shot. 704-442-7900.