Please help me locate a pair of earrings!

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  1. I am looking for a pair of gold twist knot earrings (mesh patterned) that look just like these ones from Tiffany. Unfortunately the Tiffany ones are huge on me and I am looking for a smaller version. I have tried two pairs from Amazon and both pairs were also too large for my ears. Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks!!

    I don't know how to paste the picture in my post so here is the url...
  2. Thanks Ricky!

    Those are really close and a good size, but I am pretty set on the mesh/twisted gold look. I appreciate your help!!
  3. The pattern is called a Danish Knot. I have only made them a couple of times, but they are not too hard to make. How big(small) of a knot do you want? I would do a mock up in silver first, to get the size right before making gold ones. And a number of jewelry suppliers sell gold twist wire, so it would not be too hard to have them made for you.
  4. Oh wow, I did not realize they were so easy to make! How cool! I was looking for them to be about the size of a one carat round diamond stud. (Is that about 6.5 mms?)

    Thanks for the info!!!