Please help me locate a 227 metallic black reissue with ruthenium hw!

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  1. I didn't shop at all last year and hence I missed it. I am trying to make up for lost time tho. Anyone seen one around? There is nothing on ebay even. :nogood:
  2. Oh no, just crickets in here... :s The two pms didn't quite work out so if you see or hear of anything, please let me know, Chanel Lovers! Thanks! :sweatdrop:
  3. I just sent one black with black hw back to Saks at Troy, Michigan.
  4. Thanks, Savannah. I am waiting for a Sak's SA to get back to me with either phw or bhw. Wish me luck and thanks for giving me the heads up! ;)
  5. can you please describe the difference between phw and bhw? does "p" stand for pewter? does "b" stand for black? just want to try to be helpful to be on the lookout if i see any in stores! :tup:
  6. Aw, NYC, you're uber sweet. (I love this forum)! Yes, p stands for pewter. I think the official name is "rutheniam." It looks like a smokey grey. B stands for black.

    I think I may have to stalk eBay. :confused1:
  7. There is a metallic black reissue with silver hardware available.
    I PMed you the SA's info.
  8. Thanks for the tip and email, Zalea! But I'm looking for dark silver or else black as second choice for hw. Wish me luck as my search continues. :smile:
  9. I found it! Off of eBay and it was new too. Here's hoping it's in really great condition! Now I just need to find a bag to carry books... Thanks, savannah, nycbagobsessed, zalea and gotbighair, our Resident HG Mean, Lean Locator Machine! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats!! Be sure to share your new beauty with us.