Please help me - keep it or exchange??

What to do?

  • Keep the leather!

  • Exchange the leather for nylon!

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Mar 13, 2006
I was browsing at NM during my lunch hour the other day and didn't plan on buying ANYTHING. But when I saw this baby, I broke down and had to take her with me!!!! I'm a huge wristlet fan. I love them and always on the lookout for the perfect one! At first, I saw the nylon version and thought it would make THE perfect wristlet to run an errand with or go to a casual dinner, etc. BUT then I saw the leather version (the leather is so YUMMY!!! And the color is TDF!)), I was sold! Even though the leather version is more gorgeous than nylon hands down (in my opinion), I'm worried about how the leather will hold up after being touched a lot, you know (being a wristlet / clutch)?

SO, I need your advice. Should I keep the leather or exchange it for the nylon version?

I think that I could use the leather version both casually and formally (well, somewhat) since it's so gorgeous! But nylon is too casual for dressy events?? :confused1: But just like I said, the durability of leather is my main concern.

To give you an idea about the nylon version... it's the same shape (maybe the folds are a bit more drapey), gold hardware... Oh, and it's half the price of the leather one.

So, which one???

Also, does anyone know what collection / season this is from? And did the leather version come in black? I can't find it online anywhere!


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May 17, 2008
So. Cal
:wtf:This clutch is absolutely, positively gorgeous. I definitely think you should keep it...a nylon wristlet doesn't even compare, IMO!! I also don't think the leather will become an issue over time as long as you take care of your bags/wristlets. Ah, I love this clutch!


Dec 26, 2007
I have the same clutch in a different color from the Spring/Summer collection and I love it.

The size is just right since the pleats actually allows the clutch to expand if you need to!

The leather is so scrumptious too! I carried it for the first time to a concert last week and it's just so handy. The wristlet is so convenient if you need to keep your hands free.

I'll go with the leather version since it's more versatile. I think the nylon version is too casual. It's probably cheaper to buy one leather clutch than two separate clutches for different occasions!