Please help me justify?

  1. I'm having a bit of a dilemma here. As you know, I ordered a wallet. I'm definitely buying it but it's a small one. I just did a quick tally of my cards and here are what I have:

    4 credit cards
    2 debit cards
    3 insurance cards
    2 id cards
    1 Costco card
    Several more points cards

    So, a compact wallet is not going to be able to fit all this. I can't justify getting another wallet and I'm too set in my ways to put my cards inside any agendas. Should I get another wallet if I don't want to get an agenda to hold the cards? Any other way?
  2. about not carrying them all?
  3. maybe a Clarisse PM to fit the ones you use less frequently?
  4. Yes, a clarisse PM would be ideal....
  5. I'd carry your license and the credit/debit cards and car insurance card in the small wallet. Everything else in a Clarisse or agenda.
  6. I'd just put your essentials in your wallet, and I put my other cards in a separate case. You can get a no-name brand small cc case and keep your point cards and lesser-used cards in there. I used to want to carry everything with me and stuffed everything into a wallet, but now that I'm using the aforementioned method, I find it so much easier carrying a smaller wallet, and realize I just don't need that much on a day-to-day basis.
  7. I'm with Orchids on this one I used to jam everything into one wallet and then I streamlined and I love it.

    All the loyalty cards, airline cards, insurance etc are in a separate card holder now. It makes finding the credit card I want much easier and doesn't bulge out the lines of my wallet.

    And just think..... more colour for the H rainbow in your bag :graucho:
  8. I have my loyalty cards etc in a separate cardholder with individual sleeve. I have way too many of these ~ 30 or so.

    For my credit cards, ID, driver's license .... that's why I love the Long Azap :nuts:
  9. Hm..I use a credit card holder and keep 4 cards in it and then the rest in another cute coin purse thing..just like all the other ladies!
  10. Most of my loyalty cards are tied to my phone number, so I don't need to carry those at all.

    However, with all the other stuff - ID cards for health ins, license - and I carry only two credit cards and one debit card - I still needed the long azap, too - and have found it perfect and I love it! I kept trying to love the Bearn, but figured even the tri-fold would be not quite big enough. The azap really is Hermes by stealth, though - if you didn't know who made it, you would probably never guess.
  11. Wait, kou! Are you finally buying a wallet:nuts: :yahoo: ? I totally missed your thread! When did you decide to buy a wallet?

    Anyway, Congrates! Heeheehee..of course, my favorite Hermes wallet is croc. bearn wallet:graucho: ...I bought 5 croc. bearn wallets, and a couple of them found a new home (regarding issues on wrong color to have right now, or I want in croc not in alligator in certain colors...etc:sad:) but I still plan to buy more croc. bearn wallets...

    What about your favorite color Fushia croc. or ostrich bearn wallet? If you carry too many cards, you can get a trifold one:yes: !

    (Kou...what wallet are you getting?)
  13. I have about 15 cards/gift cards, etc. in my Dogon wallet and that doesn't include the two pockets that are in the separate zipper portion. It is such a yummy wallet. It is large and is so luxurious to handle and it has such presence! You might want to take a close look at one.
  14. Kou, how about getting one of these cyclamen card case? It can hold a lot but just make sure the magnet stripes do not touch.

    I can fit my id cards, driver's licence, 4 credit and ATM cards, and two other cards in it.

    Bought it last year and it should be around USD 230.
    card and coin case.JPG
  15. my peko that is too cute for words! do you have a pic of it fully loaded? what's the total # of cards you carry in it then? and how many on each side (what's the break down)?
    i downsized my wallet recently, or i should say, the contents, in anticipation of a new wallet this year or next year. wanted to make the adjustment now. quite fun to weed and eliminate unnecessary clutter (in the closet too:yes:), but kou, if you're married to all the stuff you currently carry with you, then i think a compact wallet is out. if you want to carry everything together then you need a wallet that can accomodate everything. if you're okay about separating stuff, then you have a lot of options, but if you're still going to always carry both, why not just get one wallet big enough for it all.