Please help me, I've got a red scar from a chemical peel...

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  1. A month ago I underwent a chemical peel at my plastic surgeon's office, it was a really light one since I couldn't handle the pain. It did peel however and I even got some crusts. Some of those crusts lasted 10 days and the last one has left me with a long red scar (5cms long in the middle of my jaw:sad:). I can barely cover it up with make up and I've got a good foundation and good concealers, I'm horrified by my face when I wake up or come out of the shower and haven't had a chance to cover it up yet. I know I am probably exaggerating this but I've always been very concerned about my appeareance and I'm very upset with this.

    My PS (who is a very good friend of mine and I know it's not his fault) says the only thing I can do is wait. However he also said it was very strange that another scar I had (from a fall over a year ago) hadn't yet become white. So basically there's really not much chance that this one will ever change by just waiting:crybaby:.

    So, if anyone has ever had something similar, could you please tell me if there is any other way to get rid of it, like laser, dermabrasie, tretinoin,...
  2. Did you pick at the flakes when you were peeling?

    If you doctor says just to wait, then I dont really know what to suggest. I guess I would try Mederma and see how that works
  3. No I didn't, that crusts that left me with a scar actually lasted 10 days.
  4. I have not had an chemical peel but I have had a couple of acid peels. My last one really hurt and my skin was peeling for days. I had redness under my eyes that lasted 5 days and it felt raw.

    The only thing (as far as I know) that you can do to treat it, is lather vitiman A cream on the problem area. Keep it clean (remove your makeup after work asap) and just moisturise moisturise moisturise.... I know it probably sounds obvious but that is all I can think of in my experience.

  5. Thank you for your reply. With vitamin A cream you mean something like tretinoin (which is in Renova, Retin-A,...), right? I still have a tube of it, I'll spot treat the area, since it makes the skin on my cheeks very dry and peel, so maybe the red will peel off?

    Also thank you imashopaholic, they talked about pixel laser in your link. I'll look into that...
  6. No worries. I've read that some scars can take longer to disappear so just stay out of the sun, keep the area moisturised and give it time.
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    Biafine emulsion! It's a macrophage stimulating cream that helps promote cell regrowth. Basically it helps the burned damaged scabbed skin just literally fall off your face.

    You will need a prescription from a physician though, so you might want to ask and see if your doc thinks it will work for you.

    It is used for burns, people with skin grafts, and post peels in some cases too.

    You can look up more info about in a thread about burning your face with peroxide.

    Stay out of the sun and if you do go out use spf 30 on your face. The Australian sunscreen Blue Lizard is really great.

    hope that helps! yes: