Please help me indentify..

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm pretty new to H.
    I really love this bag, but don't know what's the specs for the bag?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.:smile:

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  2. Thanks so much Handybags. I did find a couple of questions in that thread regarding the specs, but I can;t seem to find the answer :smile:
  3. OK well it looks like swift to me from this pic.

    Do you have any other pics? Close ups of the bag maybe?

    It's lovely and squishy - could also be clemence if you can see a grain.
  4. Looks smooth to me here though
  5. I got that pic from the thread that you gave me.. Sorry, I don't have any bigger pics. So that's 35cm Kelly Raisin with PHW? But it can be either swift or clemence? Do you know whether this bag is rare?