Please help me in my search for...

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  1. I am searching hi & low for the giant Miu Miu Suede tie dye Clutch!!
    (Photo: purseblog).

    I know many of you tpf'ers hated it, but I'm loving it :love: I jut realized it too late... :crybaby:

    I've heard that it was on sale at NAP, so I am hoping that some outlet or store somewhere in Europe (or somewhere else??) might still have one in stock??

    Any advice is welcome - and even better - if you have seen it somewhere lately - PLEASE let me know!!!

    TIA you all..
  2. It's huge - and some of you might find it horrible - but someone - anyone, must be able to help? :search:

    I'm sure it is a bag you would notice in a store....
  3. Start calling the Miu Miu stores and see if one was left over and then call their outlets.
  4. Wait for Miu 2, think she had it at one time.
  5. Thank you pikeeyrgl, I have tried a lot of stores so far with no luck, but there must be a lot that I do not even know of, - hoping some might chip in with some information here..

    Longchamp? I'm not sure what you mean? But I'll be waiting :yes:
  6. There is an outlet in Palm Springs Cabazon... Maybe call a store in the UK and try to find their outlet....if you have an Am Ex card and the style number of the bag, their concierge service will help you find it.

    Also call your local Neimans / Barneys and see if any were left over from the sale... if you have a style number they can punch it in and search the whole database.
  7. Thats the poblem, I do not have the stylenumber of this bag - and I am residing in Denmark - so no local stores!!

    If anyone can provide the stylenumber, it would so much easier to call stores overseas...
  8. Ok - I called Neimans, Saks and the Miu Miu store as well as their outlet and they do not have the bag or even the lookbook to give me the style number and they were not really helpful.
    I know someone here has a great SA...I think Jill... maybe she can help. Good Luck!
  9. ^ I just checked styledrops and no luck..good luck in your search!!!
  10. Thank you all! And yes it is S/S 2007 I guess?

    Very sweet of you all to help! I hope I will stumble upon it someday :search:
  11. HI-
    I just got a call from my SA and she is wonderful...she is going to try to find the style number for you. She also mentioned that Miu Miu has a new suede clutch that has strips of color really similar to the tye dye just the color is more uniform.
  12. pikeeygrl - you are such a sweetheart :smooch:

    gem_mck - thank you for letting me know!!!! - But OMG it's double up on retail... Sadly that is too expensive for me :crybaby: