Please help me in making my first Tokidoki purchase for my niece!

  1. I have a niece who's been begging anyone who would listen in the family for a Tokidoki bag for her bday and for Xmas. Her birthday is coming up in 3 weeks. eBay is always my first stop but I have no clue what to look for and how to watch out for fakes. What will be good for a 12-yr-old? I was thinking of giving her something that she could use for school like a messenger-type bag and also a travel bag. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you could steer me towards reputable resellers, that would be great too! TIA!
  2. I have a 8 year old and 3 year old daughter. They both own toki's. My 8 year old has a Inferno Bambino and Spiaggia Dolce and my 3 year old has a Foresta and Pirata Bocce.

    as far as good seller, just make sure you check out their ratings.
  3. She may like a bella if she's still into using small bags and likes ones that go over her shoulder.
  4. My 14yo daughter is getting a Trasporto Dolce for her birthday. She likes to carry small bags and the dolce is perfect for her. I paid retail for it at Bloomingdales.

    My 10year old is nuts over Mozzerella. I was able to buy a Famiglia Scoula for $90 on eBay that is covered with Mozzerella's on it. I am going to give this to her for Christmas for a special surprise.

    eBay can be a great place to buy bags. Ebay prices fluctuate. Look at what past bags sold for to get an idea of how much to pay. Read over the how to spot a fake bag thread first. I think that is on this forum???? Anyone know?
    You can post any potential auctions you are interested in the "authenticate this" thread on this forum.

    Also check the outlets - you may find something there.
  5. A ciao or stellina would be great for her IMO! ;) They're both messenger type bags and they can also be worn w/a shorter strap as a purse. :idea: The stellina bag is a little bigger than the ciao and it will fit more.

    UniqueThreads is a great ebay seller that I know a lot of girls like. As far as authenticating the bag I know there's a thread that's a sticky on here that you can post what you're thinking of buying and you can have some of the other girls authenticate it for you!! Good luck with your purchase! :p
  6. Don't only pay attention to eBay sellers ratings, some sellers of fakes have great ratings.

    Terrific sellers on eBay:
    cozy-little-shop (pricey, but you can get older styles & great placement)
    73papasmurfs (pricey, but you can get older styles & great placement)
    uniquethreads (generally current styles at appox. retail prices)

    Or you could buy from these retailers:

    Here's the Tokidoki Blog, you can find lists of Real Sellers, Fake Sellers and a very good Guide to tokidoki fakes.
  7. Thank you so much for all your help! I think I'd get the best aunt in the whole wide world award in 3 weeks. :smile:
  8. I think a stellina would work nicely for her but I don't know if she could use it for school really because I have no idea how much 12 yr olds carry to school ... Has she given any input or made comments as to the style she likes?

    I think I'm gonna lean towards stellina, dolce or maybe even a bambinone. Not sure what print she likes but I love Spiaggia ... and I guess whatever print is the best bargain.
  9. I was going to recommend a dolce, but I have never seen one IRL.
  10. I think stellina or scuola is the best for school for a 12 yr old. But if you want a going out bag for her probably a dolce, ciao or bambino is good.
  11. I'd say a scuola or a campeggio would be the most practical and she could use it every day to go to school. That's what my friend's niece does. And she's getting her niece one for Christmas too. Any of the smaller bags would be a nice going out bag. You can probably find a good deal on a scuola on eBay too.
  12. I agree with Azumie regarding the stellina or scuola for school, of course depending on how much she needs to carry every day. For weekends and such, I :heart: using my dolces and ciao. Also, a denaro (wallet) would be great for everyday use.

    Let us know what you decide-- as you can tell, there are lots to choose from!
  13. Stellina or Campeggio (messenger-style bags with two flap pockets on the outside, Campeggio is the larger of the two) are great for her school needs.

    If you want to go smaller purse-style, Dolce is a cute bag and good kid-size purse.

    Here's the link to identifying Toki fakes, and at the bottom of the article you should find the links to real and fake eBay sellers.

    Good luck! I agree you'll get the best aunt award for this hehe. :angel:
  14. A lot of people are recommending Stellinas. I love them too, but if she wants a bag for school, it's not big enough to carry notebooks or school books. For a purse it's great. But if you want a book bag, you should go campeggio or scuola... or maybe a buon viaggio.
  15. i use both BVs and zuccas for school.
    the only problem with the BVs for me is the sagging.