please help me in getting my first bbag

  1. So last night I found my first bbag love and it was a first in cornflower. Since it seems to hard to get one in that color, I'm thinking to go for Bleu Glacier.
    Can you please help me on what I should do to get my hand on one of them?
    I live in SoCal area but not in LA so regular visit to Barneys and NM in Bev Hills are not an option.
    Can I call NM, Balenciaga in NY, Barneys, or aloharag to send it to me once they have it? Are they even in the stores yet?


  2. The Bleu Glacier is not in stores yet. It should be in stores by March. Call BalNY (Daphne is great) and ask her to put your name in for the bag/color you want. Good luck!
  3. Blue glacier is a great choice. I am loving the color from all the pics I have seen so far.:love:
  4. One thing to keep in mind is that you have not seen the Blue Glacier yet. If you purchase from BalNY and the colour is not as you expected (or close enough to Cornflower to make you happy,) you will not have the option of returning for a refund so you can keep the money for when a Cornflower First pops up on eBay. BalNY *only* offers exchanges.

    By the way, Cornflower is a fabulous shade of blue.

    I wish you well,

  5. Hi

    Cornflower is a great color. There is a great cornflower shrug on eBay and a twiggy.
  6. Thanks Bridget for letting me know about that. I'm going to check with my local NM. They may carry bbags after all and see what they say. I'm guessing I will have the option to return it to NM if I don't like the color.

    BTW, the pic that shows up below your screenname, it has two bbags in two different shades of blue. Which color are those?

  7. Yes, NM will refund bags. I once paid by cheque, returned it to a different store, and they gave me the cash on the same day. Great return policy!

    My avatar has two bags. The one on the right is Sky Blue, the one on the left is Cornflower. Like I said, it's a fabulous shade of blue : )

    I wish you well,

  8. I feel as if you may regret bleu glacier if you cannot get both in time, since your first love is cornflower.
  9. I love both of your bags.... I love the sky blue one too. Wahh.. I wish I had looked into bbags before. I thought it will be more like the chloe paddy (that trend is kinda dead now). Which year is the sky blue one is from?

    Thanks again for helping me
  10. Sky Blue is from S/S of '05 but they pop up really quite often on eBay.

    I wish you well,