please help me ! im so confused & sad !!


Dec 14, 2006
i just post two coach auctions i won from ebay on the authenticate thread.

they both might be fakes coach purses! how do i get my money back & how do i prevent this mistake again? what clues do i look for that validates a coach purse?

very sad,
cha cha
cha cha

this is my secret, but since i'm posting it i guess it isn't anymore.

anyways, i started off buying coach from online and in store, but my first purchase on ebay was a....fake! :crybaby:

the pink wristlet, mini signature with white leather trim....does anyone remember that? it was sold out in stores.

anyways. i brought it for 38, and it retailed for 48, i figured with shipping and everything i still save a bit. and although i didn't want to bother dealing with the seller b/c to me that sum wasn't huge and it was chalked up as a "lesson learned" kind of thing

i STILL think in your case you should ask for money back asap. tell them that if they won't you'll dispute it and leave negative feedback, hopefully that will help others who may buy from them in the future.

this site is great, there are a lot of coach experts here who can help you so next time should you decide to buy from ebay again i'd recommend putting the bid on authenticate thread before bidding


my rule of thumb for bidding is:

if it sounds too good to be true, it often is, no matter if they got a discount, they're a reseller, or even someone who stole and decided to post it, the seller will always try to get a good chunk of money out of it. so if the purse is BIN with a low, low price and it's stated as BNWOT or BNWT i'd stay away.

if it's a current item, always check with's site and compare pic, if it's stock, that is another red flag, i'd ask the seller to foward his/her pics that are taken from their camera.

lastly, if you have a coach store near you, drop by and wander around. pick up the bags, look at the details and you'll know what's a real and fake. i rather not point out all the fine points, and even as a SA there are times i don't look inside the bag..just the outside, and have made false assumptions. it's all about details, and that, besides the materials it's made of, is what makes a fake easy to spot when in the midst of real bags.


i hope that experience didn't burn you! to be honest it did for me, i never buy from ebay, at least not designer goods. i rather save my money and drool far away, or buy it from the boutique.
no problem coachlover !! i need to learn these things !!

my 2nd ebay coach purse is most likely fake . i will dispute it !!

i should get my whiskey ali tomorrow from coach .com ,inwhich im sure its not fake. lol !

cha cha