Please Help me Im going MAD...

  1. Can any of you help me....? I am on the hunt for a easy slung shoulder bag as i have to say after a wk of one of my dd being home sick and carrying birkin around i think i need something for the shoulder . My store has a 37 ebene trim .... what do you guys think of that ? Or is there something i am missing ( Shhhh if anyone has a other brand suggestion i would love to hear it too!) Quite like the jimmy choo ramona .. PLease i really would love to hear your ideas ... of to get oldest Dd from school and hope to return to find the bag i need ...!! Thank you:heart:
  2. I think a trim is a great bag for those that use a shoulder bag...and less than a kelly or bolide also which of course, have the attachable shoulder strap...ebene sounds perfect!
  3. Have you seen Hermes' Christine bag? I haven't seen one IRL but I've seen pics and it looks like a fabulous shoulder bag. I think one of our members just bought one recently. I'll try to find the pic.
  4. I am not going to be popular with my suggestion...but I love my Chanel reissue.... best shoulder bag ever!..... and it can be used as a messenger too .Tres chic!

    ps...your package from KOP is on it's way to you....exciting!
  5. I really like the Trims! My store has one in orange that is really lovely! I think that is a really nice, very functional shoulder bag. There's also the Massai, but I think you have to be kinda tall to pull it off; I tried it on (I'm barely over 5'3) and it was waaay too big for me >_>
  6. I'm not a big fan of the Evelyne (only because it just doesn't look good on me) but it's a fantastic messenger, hands-free Hermes bag for those casual, running errands days. I like the wide canvas strap.....very comfy!!!
  7. What do you intend to carry in it? Birkin can hold alot of stuff... Trim I and Trim II, Evelyne? I think LZ has some trims on their website.. they have a pic with the model carrying the Trim 31, 35.. to get some ideas...
  8. I'm with Rose...Chanel has some gorgeous bags that can be worn on the shoulder. If the reissue is too small, they also have some great shoulder totes. If you give me more details on what you like, I could give you additional Chanel suggestions.
  9. Ok ... I would love to see what chanels are like... Oh rose cant wait...
    Shopmom am waiting for a blk tgm evelyne but am looking for something on the shoulder ! GF has a ebene trim wonder how she is getting on with it ?Keep suggestions flowing....!Thanks
  10. BG, I have worked with JC Ramona in the past. It really is an amazing shoulder comfortable! LOL...that was BH (Before Hermes)... Chanel does make some great shoulder bags as well... I also have Evelyne, but to be quite honest, JC Ramona and Chanel are better shoulder bags IMHO... Evelyne is a great funky messenger/casual bag...
  11. I love my evelyn 2 pm and it's ebene. It really depends on what you are going to use it for. I needed a bag that I could take anywhere, set on the ground, take to the beach be in the rain, etc and I wanted it to be Hermes. I wanted the dark because it goes with everything and the canvas strap does not show dirt. With a toddler, it would be a great bag to throw all that toddler stuff into when you had to run out and needed to be hands free. It can be worn messenger or shorten the strap to be a nice shoulder bag. Ebene is a beautiful dark choco brown.
  12. I'm not a fan of the H shoulder bags generally and totally agree with the Chanel suggestion - tons of great shoulder bags there.
    If you're wanting something a bit more casual, my Balenciaga City is one of my go-to bags... the leather is really light, and it has a detachable shoulder strap that's great, but can still be hand carried too. It's probably the most used bag in my collection (shouldn't say that on the H forum :shame: )
  13. I have two Chanel reissues. A black/ gold 225 and a black/silver 226. The 226 is great for everyday wear but easily transitions into an evening bag too.
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  14. I think GF has an ebene Massai, which is another great shoulder bag option. She also has a barenia Trim. Right, GF?? Do I remember your bag inventory correctly?? ;)
  15. Try a Trim! Its my daily shoulder bag and I don't think you will go wrong with it.