please help me I'm crazy...

  1. So I have an Adios Ciao Ciao (that I've posted pictures of before) It's a really nice print but I think that I just don't like the bag that much. (The size not the print)
    I ordered a pirate ciao and a adios ciao from lesportsac figuring that I would keep the one I like best. Now I want to keep them both. Help be decide!!!
    Pirate pictures first...
    pirateciaofront.jpg pirateciaofrontopen.jpg pirateciaoback.jpg
  2. Now Adios...
    Since I've decided not to keep the adios Ciao Ciao if I don't keep this bag then I won't have any adios. I already have a Pirate in Buno Viaggio but that's my work bag and I really like the print on this one except I kind of have a rule to not have more than one print of each bag. (Dumb rule I know!)
    The print on the adios might not be the greatest but I'm not sure I could get any better since the characters are all spread out.
    HELP!!!!! ARGH.
    adiosciaofront.jpg adiosciaofrontopen.jpg adiosciaoback.jpg
  3. Hands down I like the pirata ciao. I love that little mermaid! But then again I'm not all that crazy about the adios print. If it had the little Japanese baby on the bag then I would said "yes"!
  4. I don't like the sumo baby babies are yucky :yucky:
    I actually think I'm thinking that I should keep the pirate and get a different adios ciao.
  5. Yes, if you like adios I thinking getting a different style of bag would be a better idea. In my opinion I didn't like the ciao or the ciao ciao for that print. Maybe a zucca, buon viaggio, mamma mia, gioco or even the luna. Those would be my picks.
  6. i vote pirate!! screw the 1 bag per print rule!! :graucho:
  7. I can make an exception for pirates right?:graucho:

    The Adios ciao that I got kind of sucks. It looks sad with half a chopped up pink puppy on it :sad: I called JapanLA and she's going to try to send me pictures of one that she has. I need an adios Ciao... I just need a good one!
  8. Should I sell my adios ciao ciao on e-bay now or wait until it's no longer available?
  9. Keep the ciao Pirata, its sooo cute! The new prints dont seem to be selling as well on eBay as I thought they would. But if you wait its going to have to be for a while but you could always use the money for one of the bags that comes out in different season.
  10. I'd hang onto it and sell it later for more money on eBay.
  11. Yea! Jamie at JapanLA rocks. She sent me a picture of a wicked cute ciao that is just black and white (and not chopped up at all) on the front and has a pink latte in the middle of the back. So I guess I'll return the one that I posted pictures of (unless anyone here likes it)
    now what to do about pirates? ARGH avast matey scurvy whatever YAR!
  12. Happy to hear it sounds like you got something better on the way and that you are able to return the other bag.
  13. Did u say LATTE????????
  14. maaaaaybe:graucho:
  15. I have seen a super cute adios ciao at the SF macy's...your pirata ciao is okay...i'm not too into it. But then again the ciao is too small for me so I can't give an opinion here. What's your issue right now about a bag??