Please help me identify this YSL bag!! I'm desperate for it!

  1. My first post! Would LOVE if you could help me identify this bag as I want to track it down and buy it :love:

    the bag at the right of the pg.

    Thanks so much, I've been trying to track it down for a while now and just found this site. Hoping you can help!!
  2. Ah, that is a past season, but not too far past. It was made soon after Stefano Pilati took the top post. I've seen those previously in the NM outlet. You could also have some luck at the YSL outlet. I've also seen those on eBay time to time.
  3. I live in Australia, so no luck with the outlets... where abouts (state etc) is the YSL outlet and Neiman Marcus that you saw it?? I'm so desperate i'll call internationally for this bag!

    I've never seen them on eBay!! I should eBay more often!

    Thank you sooo much for posting!!!
  4. I would keep checking ebay, and be patient. One will turn up eventually.
  5. That bag looks like it could be from YSL's "Byzance" line from fall 2005(?). The Byzance line was known for its jeweled/studded medieval-looking crosses...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Byzance2.jpg YSL Byzance.jpg

  6. Yeah, that's it! Byzance!
    I don't think that NM or the YSL outlet ship overseas....someone correct me if I'm wrong...
  7. i think if you phone nm they will ship internationally, just cant do it form their website
  8. It's actually not a Byzance. YSL made several models with the cross and jewels design, including the Byzance and the Venise. The one inquired about here is called the Pergame. It is from a few seasons ago, I don't remember exactly when.
  9. Boho!
    It's on e-bay
    Black Suede & Leather! NEW! AUTHENTIC!! Item number: 200140279088
    it looks authentic.
    Have a look.
  10. ^Yes that one is authentic and at a good price too.
  11. aww no! i missed it!! i found another one on eBay but its much more expensive, I hope that seller relists it!!

    Am after it in the brown version as well!! Eeek!
  12. I used to have that exact bag!!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! Good luck w/your search:smile:)