Please help me identify this style # :)

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  1. Prada experts!

    I am sorry to keep bothering everyone as my hunt continues for the perfect Prada bag, but I truly appreciate your help!!!

    I just saw this bag in some of the threads from last summer ~July.

    Could someone help me identify the style #?

    I LOVE IT!

    It has very similar details to bag #3 I was posting the other day (BR4281), but looks like it fits over the shoulder very comfortably!

    Would appreciate your help!!!!!
  2. Guess it would help to include the photo, huh? :confused1:

    Prada Cervo Antik Estruco.jpg
  3. Was just reading back through some additional threads. Looks like this bag might be:


    Now the question is- can I still buy this bag anywhere? Did it come in other colors?