Please help me identify this one

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  1. I found this picture online and fell in love with this bag. I have never seen it before. Please help me identify the name/style and retail on this bag. Thanks. It is beige caviar leather.
  2. I have it. The style number is 07C A33788 Y03616. the color is called dark beige and the color number is 61506. I paid $2095 at Saks a month ago. It's ticket calls it "small tote bag". The color is much prettier in person. Here's a picture.
  3. Beautiful bag! Thanks, aprilvalentine. Great information. I am going to check it out!
  4. I think it's also known as a Timeless Classic Tote.
  5. Wow, that is gorgeous!!
    Now I want one :nuts:
  6. It's very beautiful!!