Please Help Me Identify This Necklace!

  1. I saw a picture of this necklace posted by someone else, and have been trying to find out about it. :confused1: Does anyone know the style number, price, if it's still available???? Anything will help. Thanks! :yes:
  2. tha.......that's wat i always's gorgeous but i cnt find it in my country!
  3. Seriously,someone must be able to help? :confused1:
  4. its hard to tell by that terrible picture
  5. I didn't think the pic was that bad! Here's another one. It apparently comes in gold or gray. The style is pretty unique, so I figured someone would probably be able to identify even with the pic a little grainy! :yes:
  6. luxuryfan, have you tried asking chanel online? if you attach the picture to your email, they might be able to find out the style # for you.
  7. Thanks. I haven't done that but definitely will! :yes:
  8. please post chanel's response when they get back to you. that necklace is really cute!!
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