please help me identify this MJ bag! stumped! :P

  1. hi guys!
    was wondering if anyone could help me identify this Marc Jacobs bag.

    picture 1

    picture 2

    picture 3

    it's coral colored and has bright purple suede lining. two tassles.

    i'd love to know the season, year and name if possible! any help would be greatly appreciated!
    thanks! :biggrin::heart:
  2. I remember this bag! They had a few different styles with the tassels. I believe it's from spring--either 04 or 05. It's fairly recent and unfortunately, I have no idea what the official name was. I think the color was called lobster.

    I've been buying MJ since 02 and while I remember most of the bags, I have a lot of trouble keeping all the years/seasons straight. I wish I could be of more help!
  3. It kind of looks like the Stella but the Stella is more of a hobo style.
  4. I know the hobo in that collection was called Scarlet... or that may be the name of the collection. Your bag looks more like a tote. I think it was from 04 or 05.
  5. thanks for all the help guys.
    i'm getting more and more people say they think it's from '04-05, which makes me smile because i got a great deal on it!
    any ideas on where to look to see past bags from past seasons so i can pin-point it? i've searched and searched the net, but no luck.

  6. you're right about the scarlet! i found this post and it's the same style as the hobo listed. I've since discovered that the color might be called 'Sunset Pink'? Still having trouble finding a picture and info on my particular style...I got a GREAT deal on it and would love to see how much it was new so I can do a little dance. :biggrin:

  7. i think you're right about the color being sunset pink. there was another bag from this collection called isabelli. it was very similar to yours, but it was barrel shaped. i recently saw the isabelli on sale at elux, so your bag could possibly be from '05. very cute btw!
  8. Regardless... (and I don't know, so I cannot help out!) that is a really cute bag. I totally love it!!
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