Please help me identify this LV!

  1. I do not have a LV bag yet, right now I think I am stocked up on all the "gateway bags" I can stand (see my collection :sweatdrop: ) and am ready to make the move. So, I was out to brunch this morning with my Dad and I SAW THE LIGHT!!! :wtf: A woman had the most beautiful Louis I have seen yet. It was about the size of a speedy 30 (maybe a tiny bit bigger), but there were TWO zippers on each side that met near the middle, there were very unique large grade tortuise shell links on the strap, and it was monogram print. BEAUTIFUL!!! Someone find me a link before I get out of "I WANT IT NOW" mode. :p

    I wish I was more versed in the terms, but I DO NOT know the name of this bag!!! :sad:
  2. Sounds to me like its a Monogram Stephan!! Its gorgeous it came out for this years fall and winter collection. Theres three different versions of the Stephan, Monogram, Leopard & Embosse` (sp?) Look up "Stephan" on TPF and you'll find more info =]
  3. Omg, YES, that's it!!! SO beautiful!! Is that the retail price $2,500? and is that an unquestionable authentic you gave me a link to on eBay? I would be so nervous to get it on eBay. I have a feeling if I call the stores they are probably sold out, huh?
  4. My SA said it was still available and she could call around if I was interested in buying it. I'd try calling 866-vuitton first :yes:
  5. stephen is a very nice book
    i tried on before, but just very un-affordable for me
  6. its really expensive :'(.
    waaah. i want it!
  7. That is such a gorgeous bag....
  8. Yeah, when I saw the lady at brunch today carrying it I was hoping it wasn't more than $1,500.:roflmfao: That shows my naiveté. Ugh, but THAT is the LV I would own, has the same sensibility as the Speedy 30 BUT has something oh so unique and not seen on every street corner.

    Is the retail $2,500?
  9. Yeah that sounds about right :yes:
  10. It's indeed a gorgeous bag! But I feel it's a little big for everyday use...
  11. OMG its TDF .. Good Luck :biggrin:
  12. SUCH a hot bag!!! I hope you get it!!! :biggrin: