Please help me identify this color~

  1. I was thinking Blue Glacier, but the leather of BG looks veinier. :confused1: TIA!

    parttime-what color.jpg
  2. Are you sure this bag is authentic? The color definitely isn't Bleu Glacier, nor is it like anything else that comes to mind. It could possibly be a grey but I haven't seen any grey's that are that even or dark. Maybe someone else can help?
  3. The pic is from I believe they had it listed as STEEL.
  4. yup, looks like plomb to me too:tup:
  5. Oh, you're right, it's plomb. I've never seen a plomb so light. I guess diabro's colors are lighter than IRL? I remember the rouille being lighter too in the pics.
  6. I have no idea where this pic is originally from. Some friend sent me since she was interested in this color. Is Diabro legit? There prices seem to be so...
  7. Diabro is a japanese site,and it marks its products in USD. Anyone bought anything from it before? Do they actually ship items from Japan to USA?
  8. I borrowed skytalon's pic of the plomb, it looks veinier though. Maybe diabro's pic did not show it correctly?



  9. diabro is a legit site, I bought a rh marine city last week and got em this week

    check this link
  10. wow looks great!
    But I could not see a large collection of BBags there right now. Are they sold out or they actually send seperate catalogue to customers, just like aloharag..

    j0yc3, how much did you pay for your rh marine city?
  11. ^^ yup.
  12. j0yc3- I was editing my post since I view the link you provided me. Plus the shipping, is it still cheaper than buying a City here ($1195)?
  13. joy, their city are a bit more expensive than here. I couldn't locate any Marine here (US) anymore so I grabbed it. I believe the brown colors are less than $1K though.
  14. I see. Thanks j0yc3. But it worth the money since it is so hard to find that color right? =)
  15. I cant see it on the Diabro site... it looks like the anthra which they had a while back... they actually called it "anthracite"... :confused1: