please help me identify this chanel bag

  1. I quite like this bag, but am wondering what style it is and when it came out? also its approx rrp if anyone knows. The serial number starts with 641 if that helps?

  2. Ooh I don't know but that is cute!
  3. very pretty! love the color.
  4. I think the aprx. retail was ~$1000. I remember seeing this bag on bluefly when bluefly first started carrying Chanel and I think the bluefly price was ~700.

    I'm not sure when it came out but it came in a variety of colors, reminds me of the east/west except it's square-quilted instead of diamond.

  5. the bag shown is a chanel pouchette. i have it in multiple
    colors, including the pink shown. it has been out for at least 6 years
    that i know of. my first bag was 795.00. they are now over 1100.00 new.
    they are very very popular with my nieces all in their twenties!
    this is my first quote - glad i could be of help. i have been collecting
    designer handbags for over 25 years now and have quite a passion for
    great bags!:
  6. ^ welcome to the forum!! and wow, $795?! what a great price!
  7. so this bag is still available? i would love to get one. it's so cute.
  8. thanks for your help everyone :biggrin: it's not too expensive then, which is good :yes:

    that one in the photo I can buy for 500USD, but I dont think I will, as it looks a bit dirty!

    welcome jplynch! :biggrin: