Please help me Identify this Chanel bag!!

  1. This a magazine ad from two years ago, and I still never could figure out what it was called.

  2. I don't know.
    It's VERY cool, although the handle doesn't look very practical!
  3. I really like it, but if it had the classic Chanel chain straps, it would look 23493820943 times better.
  4. this bag is from....i wanna say, 05 fall? I remember seeing it in NM....long time ago though, it came in other colors too...a lighter color, beige or white?? ah, can't recall. I dunno its name though.
  5. i have to agree with you on that, sina! it does look like a 2005 f/w item as i loved that ad campaign...
  6. your bag is very beautiful! I just bought a chanel bag from a online handbag factory
  7. Then you bought a fake.
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