Please help me Identify this bag

  1. Hi,

    I need some help to identify this bag .
    I bought this bag in 2003. I hardly carry it anymore and has been resting most of the time in the closet. I don't know the name or the style of this bag. I am interested to know again after I saw a lady carry this bag the other day. I don't know much about Coach style or name unlike LVs.
    I took some pics and I hope the ladies in here can help me out.
    Thank you in advance.
    DSC04038a.JPG DSC04040a.JPG DSC04043a.JPG DSC04039a.JPG
  2. omg, I was gonna post on here b/c I saw a lady carrying this bag and I wanted it and didn't know the style #! Freaky! Hope someone can tell help us out hehe :smile:
  3. If you live in San Diego, I would think we saw the same lady LOL..
    I hope someone can help us out :biggrin:
  4. Nope, Northern VA lol :smile:

    thanks Kezza! :flowers:
  5. Oh thank you kezza... I saw that # 6097 on the leather tab inside the bag. I didn't know that number represent the style.So coach bags don't have name?
  6. Some bags have a name, others have a name as part of a line (ie Hamptons Tote), but some are just given generic names like this one. I think this is one of the earlier Signature items, so that's probably why it's not named as part of any given line.
  7. Oh ok, Thanks again..
    Is it impossible to find this style now?
  8. AFAIK it's not being produced anymore. But I would bet they show up on eBay every once in a while.
  9. This bag keeps popping up, its haunting me! Oh I wish I could find that red one!
  10. I have it in red -- I bought it on eBay a little over a year ago. Good luck in finding one!
  11. ^ If you see another on eBay, let me know!